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About Suparna Chatterjee - Clinical Nutrition & Diettetics Certified Diabetes Educator (NDEP- Dr.Mohan's Academy) Life Member of IAPEN

Dietitian Suparna Chatterjee Dutta is one of the leading Nutritionist - Dietitian and diabetes educator with over 15 years of experience in clinical nutrition and dietetics, she is expertise in medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and transformational nutrition for wellbeing – preventing and therapeutic care of health problems. Dietitian Suparna holding a postgraduate degree (M.SC) in Nutrition and Dietetics Management and B.Ed. from Vidyasagar University-West Bengal for her passion in nutrition education and people development and presently she is pursuing M.SC in clinical psychology for better patient counselling and care. Dietitian Suparna is a certified diabetics educator provide comprehensive diabetics education and awareness to patients, she already consulted more ten 4000 diabetic patients who are happily leading their lives.

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Suparna provides individual personalised diet plans. Her philosophy is “Understand the root cause of your problem and fix it scientifically”. Her diets are designed by translating latest scientific evidence into sustainable diet plans rather than following trends. Suparna believes that traditional homemade food is the key to good health as we are genetically programmed to respond to this type of food. She helps you correct the gaps in your existing diet without enforcing unfamiliar foods. Her diets consider your ethnic eating patterns, cooking methods, habits, lifestyle and most importantly your likes and of the most unique experience that Suparna provides is educating her patients about nutrition so that they are self-reliant & empowered to take control of their diet once they have completed their journey with her.

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