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About Suparna Chatterjee - Clinical Nutrition & Diettetics Certified Diabetics Educator (NDEP- Dr.Mohan's Academy) Life Member of IAPEN

Dietitian Suparna Chatterjee Dutta is one of the leading Nutritionist - Dietitian and diabetes educator with over 15 years of experience in clinical nutrition and dietetics, she is expertise in medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and transformational nutrition for wellbeing – preventing and therapeutic care of health problems. Dietitian Suparna holding a postgraduate degree (M.SC) in Nutrition and Dietetics Management and B.Ed. from Vidyasagar University-West Bengal for her passion in nutrition education and people development and presently she is pursuing M.SC in clinical psychology for better patient counselling and care. Dietitian Suparna is a certified diabetics educator provide comprehensive diabetics education and awareness to patients, she already consulted more ten 4000 diabetic patients who are happily leading their lives.

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Weight Loss Diet

We already know weight loss can help us to live a longer, healthier life but do we know how it benefits to our body and mind? By maintaining a healthy weight, we could improve our mobility and mood, and we’ll also lower our risk for serious illnesses. The benefits of weight loss can include: • Lower blood pressure • Lower levels of triglycerides • Less risk of heart disease • Improved mobility and reduced pain • Better sleep • Higher self-esteem • Improved insulin resistance • Lower the risk for multiple chronic diseases.

Maintenance Diet

After achieving our ideal body weight, it is very necessary to maintain our weight and in this case a maintenance diet chart will help you to keep your number ideal, we prepare our maintenance diet chart keeping your food habit and food preferences in mind.

Weight Gaining Diet

If we need to gain our weight, a nutritious weight gaining diet is a safe way to do it. This diet provides for added calories without artificial supplements or extra sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats.

Diabetic Diet

Right nutrition and proper physical activity are important parts of a healthy lifestyle when we have diabetes. A healthy meal plan and being active can help us to keep our blood glucose levels in target range. To manage our blood glucose, we need to balance what we eat - drink with physical activity and medicine, (if we take any). What we choose to eat, how much we eat, and when we eat are all important in keeping our blood glucose level in the range.

Diet for digestive disorders

Diet and nutrition are known to play key roles in many chronic gastrointestinal diseases, both pathogenesis and therapeutic possibilities. A strong correlation between symptomatology, disease activity and eating habits has been observed in many common diseases, both organic and functional, such as inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. A right diet plan can help any individuals to minimise his / her digestive complication, in our clinic we provide customise diet plan based on doctor’s recommendation which can improve our food habits and quality of life.

Heart-healthy diet

Cardiac diet or heart-healthy diet is an eating plan that emphasizes foods that promote good heart health, such as vegetables and fruits, whole grains and fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids. The diet also limits the processed foods that are high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats, because these increase the risk of heart disease, in heart healthy diet plan we provide customise diet chart based on doctor requirement to protect your heart.

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Online consultation available only Rules are same for weight gain or loss or others therapitic diet charts ... Rules are giving below 1. Consultation Fees- Rs 550/- 2. At first share your information by filling up the asked format like name , age, weight, height and select your appointment date and time 3. After filling up the format you need to pay advance payment fees -200/- , Advance / full payment money is not refundable . 4. After your advance payment you will get a confirmation msg 5. Then ping or what's app on Dietitian's personal what's app no (i.e - 9475934142) with your advance payment receipt. 6. Then rest amount (i.e - Rs 350/-) of your consultation fees you need to pay one day before of your appointment - between morning 9:00 am to 9 pm, you will get your diet chart within 2 hrs after paying your full payment . 7. My diet chart is completely free from any food supplements or Herbal life or any kind of medicine / Pharmacological products . I am keeping home made foods in diet charts. 8. The day you have paid fees, From that day to upcoming next 3 months, no fees required for farther any kind of diet related help or support. ( Example - suppose if any one taken consultation on 1st of September then till 1 st December he or she will get free dietary assistance). If any changes required in Diet chart, as per dietician observation ( weight loss / gain process is slow or stuck, ) , Dietician will provide revised diet chart completely free of cost. Clients should inform to Dietitian his or her revised weight every month (photo of revised weight in same weight machine for conjugative 3 months is mandatory).... 9. After 3 months if any one require any Kind of farther consultation, in that case he/ she need to be fees (550/-)again for next 3 months. 10. You will get whatsapp reply (except Saturday and Sunday) for 3 months, don't send msg to Dietitian on Saturday and Sunday. After completed 3 months of consultation , clients will not get any what's app reply. 11. After weight loss of clients, need to give review in Facebook for means nutrition awareness... 12. plz don't send voice msg to Dietician 13. If clients want to get Maintain chart ( for maintaing his or her weight) after reaching his or her ideal or target weight, then he or she need to pay consultation fees again - i.e - Rs 550/- 14. If client reached his / her target body weight before 3 months in that case he / she need to pay consultation fess for maintain diet chart .

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Suparna provides individual personalised diet plans. Her philosophy is “Understand the root cause of your problem and fix it scientifically”. Her diets are designed by translating latest scientific evidence into sustainable diet plans rather than following trends. Suparna believes that traditional homemade food is the key to good health as we are genetically programmed to respond to this type of food. She helps you correct the gaps in your existing diet without enforcing unfamiliar foods. Her diets consider your ethnic eating patterns, cooking methods, habits, lifestyle and most importantly your likes and of the most unique experience that Suparna provides is educating her patients about nutrition so that they are self-reliant & empowered to take control of their diet once they have completed their journey with her.

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